My worst goalie.

First of all, can someone congratulate me for posting the second entry within the same year as the first one? I’m so proud of myself.

Actually, I got no specific topic except to announce what most people might already know. Our little Jamie is now the Director of the department. Rabin must be very proud of him. Who’s Rabin? Well….to answer that, I need a separate long blog entry dedicated for him alone. In a sentence, he used to be Jamie’s partner in crime when they were still green in this department. I wish I had a picture of him to share with those who don’t get the privilege to know him.
So, I was assigned by Olive to take pictures of him for the magazine. Here’s the face of the new director. 




Then I got carried away with my camera.


The new look of the breakout room. Well, it doesn’t look that much different.TV is bigger and there’s a foosball table now. Ramai yang tengah demam foosball and some competition is going on but I’m not taking part. Apparently, I yelp too much when I play this game.



May I introduce you to my best players. I always play blue. Beckham, Beckham Jr, and Abdullah Beckham. It’s not that I like Beckham. Just lack of football knowledge.




And here’s the worst goalie in the entire history of sports that involve…. balls. I never won a single game so far because of this lousy goalie (3 games against Jamil and 2 against Boo).

Jamil, PMP dah siap ni, jom lawan! 


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