Futsal pulak

Sports club organised a futsal match last Saturday. I’m in the team called Victorious Secret. I’m sure to those who just heard this for the first time would go ‘WHATT???’ ….No, it was not my idea, I was never warm to the idea and I wasn’t part of the majority who voted for it. Idea Jamil la nii…. ahak ahak. But then, I never gave any ideas for the name. So fair enough, I’ll live with it for another 6 months. Thank God nobody had any crazy idea for the jersey…..  So, sorry to disappoint some of you who wish to see rough actions from tough men in sexy swimwear and lingerie. THAT would never happen here… I mean ‘tough’ men, not men in lingerie… hehehehe…

Jamil is also in the same team and he was part of the player line-up, along with Aidil and Sham and also Jason David.
The team HEROES won, bringing home RM250. Here are some pictures I took. Pardon the quality. I’m yet to learn the tricks to shoot with low light.


That’s Shira, my favourite player. The only girl in the game.  


 Tengok la muka Farah…. merayu gitu… Caterer datang bukak 2 table gituh.


 Awal2 dah injured dah.


 Jamil nak cakap apa tah ni…. Or was this your best pose boss?


 Para penonton dan pom pom girls


 Sian Rizman, siap pegang perut tengok Rina makan ABC. (tatau anak staff mana sebenarnye)


Our dinner from Mama’s Kitchen, was it? Mummy’s Kitchen? Dapur Mak laa..


 Alvin cramp sorang-sorang


Victorious Secret’s Advertisement : “Hair is in. Say no to wax”.


 Victorious? or  Notorious?


Pose manja- that’s our captain Pradeep.  


 Jangan kutuk…. dosa! Cute pe…


More pictures from the link below. If password is prompted, it’s the usual one… If you don’t remember, e-mail me. Sokay, I’ll email you guys. For the staff, the pics are also in the TEMP FILE, 2008 Sports Club folder.






2 Responses to “Futsal pulak”

  1. Cute la Jo.. Hehehe. Shot tepi ek?
    Note: Ni takde unsur2 sarcastic tau.. 😛

  2. operatorotai Says:

    Takpe, I percaya… (pun takde unsur sarcastic)

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