ATB makan-makan

ATB organised a small makan2 last Thursday… Other than welcoming Jamie back to the tribe, we celebrated months of birtdays at once, and also the penyampaian hadiah for the foosball champion and the winner of the EURO cup competition… The ‘You Are Special’ certificates were also distributed to all, siap laminated.. So everyone got all the nice words from everybody…. I got a few nice words too. Well, some ending with “but sarcastic”. I dunno how they got that kind of impression. Seriously people, don’t believe all the rumours…

I’ll let the pixels do the talking now, from Adrian’s camera:




Trust Jamil to shop for clothes… kecik…  sian Aidil

Adrian menang apa tah ni… mesti main tipu..

He doesn’t look that happy reading his “You Are Special”.

Whatever it says on Jamil’s piece of paper, he doesn’t seem to care… makan duluu…

Naziah jemput diri…hehehe… she’s always welcome.

More pictures here






2 Responses to “ATB makan-makan”

  1. On baju saiz kecik pilihan Jamil: Aku rasa dia beli untuk anak dia kot? @ Salah plastik beg kot?

    On Jamil makan tak hengat: Org baru habis speech dia dah duduk siap makan. Hehehe.

    On Jo’s You’re Special: Aku punya comment paling best kan? Mesti ingat sampai bila2. Hehehe.

  2. operatorotai Says:

    Ko kutuk TL aku ek??
    and yes aidil… ko nye komen la buat aku rasa paling special skali… ko sorang je cakap aku ni cute, baik hati, periang, sopan santun and bijak… aku malu aa…. anyway,they are all true.. just no need to heboh2 laa… :))

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