Insider lunch

I’m not part of the Insider group (department magazine), but I was invited to join the second session of lunch date with them because I took some of the photos for the magazine. Some hobbies have their  perks after all… The head of the group is Olive. And we had lunch at Menara Hap Seng, known as Mui Plaza before. Since we ate at Old Town, I’m going for the ‘old’ look here…. just something I explored recently…

This is where we ate. Nice place to hang out with friends and lovely ambience… a bit hot at noon though.

The staring contest when Olive’s coffee arrived. It was disappointing that nobody broke the cup. 🙂

Kita minum dulu.

Gerald, I took off someth from your nose… hehehehehe… Was going to do magic with your mole too… tempted but no laaa… maybe next time, K?

Shira, the footballer who apparently writes for a magazine too…  

Sorry Aini,  can’t delete your pictures… 🙂

Lepas makan….  

Only Olive and I ate ‘real lunch’. The rest already had their lunch prior to the outing… So what did we have? 

The famous white coffee of course…

Gerald’s choice

Olive and I had the same thing. Yummmm..

The gals’ choice

The one who paid for the lunch…. Thank you Olive!!!


Oh well… we merdeka almost 51 years now… so, let me end this blog with something in colour and with jalur gemilangs as the background…

some other photos are on this link… same pasword guys…

Too bad we couln’t do this lunch in one session with the rest of the gang… but that’s the culture we have to live with when we work in a call centre.  

Again, thank you Insider for the lovely lunch.


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