30th Anniversary

30anniv 051, originally uploaded by operatorotai.

So our little branch we call hub in Malaysia celebrates 30th Anniversary this year. Chris assigned me to take a group photo for the event we had last Wednesday. Nerve wrecking… coz I had never shot a big group before. I wouldn’t have time to rearrange the little people coz we couldn’t afford to have our special guests waiting. Thank god everybody looked good in those multicoloured costumes. If everyone wore black that, I’m screwed. They were dressed in cross culture… well, almost everybody…

And did I mention I got to stand on Secret Recipe’s chair to take the shot? Yeah, Chris read my mind when I was looking around after some shots (with muka tak puas hati on my face, coz the angle shots were crappy). He grabbed one of the chairs, muttering with his not-so-thick NZ accent “Oh, they wouldn’t mind”, answering my silent question which was “Secret Recipe tak marah ke ni?”. So again, he read my mind. I’m beginning to suspect that he really is a mind reader and understands malay :)). So you guys watch out around him.

For a memento, the snapshot is good enough, but quality wise, I need to learn more of course. Much more. If a teacher is marking this pic, it would have red inks all over it.

The rest of the pictures from that day are here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/meknjong/sets/72157617158729223/

So, Happy 30th Anniversary everyone. Will we be here to witness the 40th? Or even the 31st? It won’t matter. We are already part of the company history. We made it this far, cewwah…. pigiidahh…


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