One after another…

I’ve been lazy, I knowwww….  So, what motivates me to blog today? I have always had this habit you see. At school when I had to study for an exam (like the next day) or I had to prepare a presentation or submit my assignment (which due the day before),  I always found myself doing things I didn’t have to do… like rearrange my books on the bookshelves or  the sudden urge to press all my clothes or reposition every furniture in the room but end up doing them halfway… So what would be the thing that I would rather not do and choose to blog instead? …. PMP laa…. erkhhh…

So, I sent a text to Zarrafat  a.k.a Zack a.ka Afad a.k.a Apad to send me a “gambar sakit” so that I have something to write here.  Good old Apad sent three!



Apad3OK This one is a bit scary, fren …  But he did this with a message like iklan kerajaan gituh “Berhati-hatilah di jalan raya. Tp kdg2,kita da hati2 pun,org lain yg xhati2. So,it’s down 2 luck n fate. Aku pelik,camne kete bleh terbabas kt tpt ade org. Sepanjang2 north-south highway tu,nape dia xterbabas tepi
ladang kelapa sawit ke,jatuh gaung ke.Kan? Kan? Kan?”

He’s at his hometown now recuperating after an accident. I couldn’t really get a good picture of how it actually happened. I always need graphic aids,  so I request him to send me a snail mail of the incident together with lakaran  since he is also complaining how boring life is now without internet and games (he’s starting to watch Upik Abu dan Laura, you know.. GoD!!). Besides, it would be thrilling to receive a snail mail for a change 🙂 I forgot when and what was the last one I had…  Jokes aside, pls doa he gets better soon.

One tragedy after another… Sharon a.k.a Cha’s hubby passed away recently, not long after David Wong’s father and Musaini’s father-in-law. Then our friend Apad got battered in the accident, and who could forget the worst nightmare with Arwah Fify… and myself, I got a shoulder injury…. minor as it is in comparisons, it hurts like *beep* when it hurts, and it has been going on for few months now. So Jamil will be doing a kenduri doa selamat and tahlil for arwah on 2nd August. I won’t be around unfortunately but I hope the rest could go.

Botak a.k.a Adrian Saw left the company to pursue his childhood dream. I hope he’ll keep in touch so that we know which airline not to fly with…hehe.. peace Botak! We had a farewell dinner at Restoran Nelayan and of coz I took some pictures.

Restoran Nelayan 055

The rest of the pictures from the nite.

 Just before he left we got him to clean up the office as part of the ATB spring cleaning event.

Spring Cleaning 002

Spring Cleaning 010

He even licked some furniture clean… perve

We had another sad farewell. Chris left to work in Hong Kong, another competitor. A surprise farewell party was held recently and the theme was Doraemon, his favourite cartoon character… dun ask me. I thought he’s more of a spongebob guy. Everyone was sad to see him go… I think he’s the best leader we had during my years here. He’s goofy and funny but people remember that he’s the boss and jobs get done. No replacement yet so far. Let’s pray for a good one. Maybe this one would love spongebob.

Bye Chris 166


OK, it’s very late. PMP is out of question tonite…


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