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Season Two

Posted in 11231182, ATB2008, Insider, Team Jamil, The Office on February 23, 2009 by operatorotai
OK, the lazy bone is back, updating stuff. I know, I know, I’ve been missing. Wish I could say I was away in an adventure in some exotic country where blogging is impossible. But the truth is simply laziness… I mean, I get moments when I thought to myself, “Oh yes, I’d definitely blog this and that later” but… but by the time I parked my butt in front of the PC, I got nothing to tell… I’m amazed with the capability of some ppl who devoted their time every single day in front of the pc blogging away their life…. How do their minds work? Every second of the day when every single thing that happens, they must be thinking, “Ooh, I must blog this!”. Do they blog right away? Son got sick-Blog! (Doctor later). Lecturer gave tough assignment- Blog! (forget the assignment!), Boss gave tough time and irrelevant projects – Blog! (get some other staff to do the projects). Politician made remarks – Blog! (coz “all politicians are stupid and I’m always right”). Nothing happened that day – Blog anyway! (with all the *sighs* and wishes). Boyfriend cheated – Blog! (do the crying and listen to Unbreak My Heart all at the same time). Cheated on wife- Blog! (about anything but that).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making fun of these people (maybe a bit). I really do want to be able to write every day like that. Well, some people just have the talent to write…. and in my case, it’s seasonal… So, welcome to season two of Operatorotai Blog. After a short season 1, pls anticipate season 2 is going to be even shorter.

So, first of all, some updates of what’s going on in the department. We conquered another market. Bravo. Our job security is extended. With dire global economic situation like now, I am thankful for the additional job when there are others who totally lost theirs. But of course being human at the same time I’d rather not do this one. Unlike other existing markets during the beginning phase, the challenges were more towards the differences in systems and some other little differences (which makes it all the more confusing) we call market specific but we gradually and eventually and STILL learn.. (mostly from mistakes)…. But this latest addition has a different set of challenges. Let’s just say it can’t be “learned” but we just have to learn how to live with those challenges. If I may propose to the company, I’d definitely suggest that we have a blood pressure machine for health monitoring purposes. Oh well….. we shall live through this together..

Jamil and Afad have been actively organising badminton sessions for two months now. Twice a week.The regulars are Jamil, Afad, Aidil, Shahid, Azwan and Shamsul and Larry. Phobe, Allan, Alvin, Ah Kong, Boo, Cat, Shanky and Mr.Director joined once or twice so far. I joined a few more than that and I am still keeping the record of no win whoever I paired up with. An “almost win” was with Afad (match point) but I screwed it up. I got really bummed over this. So, may I announce, when I win, yes I use the word “when” here not “if”, I will present a trophy to him/her. It would say “I GOT JO’S FIRST WIN”. Here are the links to some pictures on the first day I joined the session at Cheras.

You can also check some other pictures that I took for ATB Christmas party and some pictures for Insider’s last issue on Aini’s column for watches here.

Insider Q4 issue is a bit behind its dateline. I’ll include the pics once Madam Editor publishes it.


Some other news (old and new) that I never got my lazy self to update before were;

Aidil won second place Canon Photomarathon which I also joined but didn’t win anything (maybe this year I will).

Mawi left. Now with RHB. And his wife gave birth to a boy (If memory serves right).

We have newhires and Jagraj is Jamil’s new team member. Jamil will organise a makan2 session soon I hope *hint hint*.

One newhire cried while buddying with me and I got famous for that and it was believed to be the cause for her decision to quit after 3 days on the floor. I AM LEGEND!

Naziah gave birth to a girl, Ameena. Big sister Khadeeja is very possessive. Went to visit her with Amy and Emmyza. A little regret for not bringing my camera. Her kids were just so adorable!!!!

KakRoy is getting slimmer 🙂

Went to watch PGL with Jeehan, Aini and my friend. Absolutely fab and fan!

On a more subdued note, Joy, an ex-staff from TSC passed away last month.

I guess that’s about it for now. You will hear more from me. I promise….