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One after another…

Posted in ATB2008, Team Jamil, The Office on July 4, 2009 by operatorotai

I’ve been lazy, I knowwww….  So, what motivates me to blog today? I have always had this habit you see. At school when I had to study for an exam (like the next day) or I had to prepare a presentation or submit my assignment (which due the day before),  I always found myself doing things I didn’t have to do… like rearrange my books on the bookshelves or  the sudden urge to press all my clothes or reposition every furniture in the room but end up doing them halfway… So what would be the thing that I would rather not do and choose to blog instead? …. PMP laa…. erkhhh…

So, I sent a text to Zarrafat  a.k.a Zack a.ka Afad a.k.a Apad to send me a “gambar sakit” so that I have something to write here.  Good old Apad sent three!



Apad3OK This one is a bit scary, fren …  But he did this with a message like iklan kerajaan gituh “Berhati-hatilah di jalan raya. Tp kdg2,kita da hati2 pun,org lain yg xhati2. So,it’s down 2 luck n fate. Aku pelik,camne kete bleh terbabas kt tpt ade org. Sepanjang2 north-south highway tu,nape dia xterbabas tepi
ladang kelapa sawit ke,jatuh gaung ke.Kan? Kan? Kan?”

He’s at his hometown now recuperating after an accident. I couldn’t really get a good picture of how it actually happened. I always need graphic aids,  so I request him to send me a snail mail of the incident together with lakaran  since he is also complaining how boring life is now without internet and games (he’s starting to watch Upik Abu dan Laura, you know.. GoD!!). Besides, it would be thrilling to receive a snail mail for a change 🙂 I forgot when and what was the last one I had…  Jokes aside, pls doa he gets better soon.

One tragedy after another… Sharon a.k.a Cha’s hubby passed away recently, not long after David Wong’s father and Musaini’s father-in-law. Then our friend Apad got battered in the accident, and who could forget the worst nightmare with Arwah Fify… and myself, I got a shoulder injury…. minor as it is in comparisons, it hurts like *beep* when it hurts, and it has been going on for few months now. So Jamil will be doing a kenduri doa selamat and tahlil for arwah on 2nd August. I won’t be around unfortunately but I hope the rest could go.

Botak a.k.a Adrian Saw left the company to pursue his childhood dream. I hope he’ll keep in touch so that we know which airline not to fly with…hehe.. peace Botak! We had a farewell dinner at Restoran Nelayan and of coz I took some pictures.

Restoran Nelayan 055

The rest of the pictures from the nite.

 Just before he left we got him to clean up the office as part of the ATB spring cleaning event.

Spring Cleaning 002

Spring Cleaning 010

He even licked some furniture clean… perve

We had another sad farewell. Chris left to work in Hong Kong, another competitor. A surprise farewell party was held recently and the theme was Doraemon, his favourite cartoon character… dun ask me. I thought he’s more of a spongebob guy. Everyone was sad to see him go… I think he’s the best leader we had during my years here. He’s goofy and funny but people remember that he’s the boss and jobs get done. No replacement yet so far. Let’s pray for a good one. Maybe this one would love spongebob.

Bye Chris 166


OK, it’s very late. PMP is out of question tonite…


30th Anniversary

Posted in The Office on April 25, 2009 by operatorotai

30anniv 051, originally uploaded by operatorotai.

So our little branch we call hub in Malaysia celebrates 30th Anniversary this year. Chris assigned me to take a group photo for the event we had last Wednesday. Nerve wrecking… coz I had never shot a big group before. I wouldn’t have time to rearrange the little people coz we couldn’t afford to have our special guests waiting. Thank god everybody looked good in those multicoloured costumes. If everyone wore black that, I’m screwed. They were dressed in cross culture… well, almost everybody…

And did I mention I got to stand on Secret Recipe’s chair to take the shot? Yeah, Chris read my mind when I was looking around after some shots (with muka tak puas hati on my face, coz the angle shots were crappy). He grabbed one of the chairs, muttering with his not-so-thick NZ accent “Oh, they wouldn’t mind”, answering my silent question which was “Secret Recipe tak marah ke ni?”. So again, he read my mind. I’m beginning to suspect that he really is a mind reader and understands malay :)). So you guys watch out around him.

For a memento, the snapshot is good enough, but quality wise, I need to learn more of course. Much more. If a teacher is marking this pic, it would have red inks all over it.

The rest of the pictures from that day are here :

So, Happy 30th Anniversary everyone. Will we be here to witness the 40th? Or even the 31st? It won’t matter. We are already part of the company history. We made it this far, cewwah…. pigiidahh…

Season Two

Posted in 11231182, ATB2008, Insider, Team Jamil, The Office on February 23, 2009 by operatorotai
OK, the lazy bone is back, updating stuff. I know, I know, I’ve been missing. Wish I could say I was away in an adventure in some exotic country where blogging is impossible. But the truth is simply laziness… I mean, I get moments when I thought to myself, “Oh yes, I’d definitely blog this and that later” but… but by the time I parked my butt in front of the PC, I got nothing to tell… I’m amazed with the capability of some ppl who devoted their time every single day in front of the pc blogging away their life…. How do their minds work? Every second of the day when every single thing that happens, they must be thinking, “Ooh, I must blog this!”. Do they blog right away? Son got sick-Blog! (Doctor later). Lecturer gave tough assignment- Blog! (forget the assignment!), Boss gave tough time and irrelevant projects – Blog! (get some other staff to do the projects). Politician made remarks – Blog! (coz “all politicians are stupid and I’m always right”). Nothing happened that day – Blog anyway! (with all the *sighs* and wishes). Boyfriend cheated – Blog! (do the crying and listen to Unbreak My Heart all at the same time). Cheated on wife- Blog! (about anything but that).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making fun of these people (maybe a bit). I really do want to be able to write every day like that. Well, some people just have the talent to write…. and in my case, it’s seasonal… So, welcome to season two of Operatorotai Blog. After a short season 1, pls anticipate season 2 is going to be even shorter.

So, first of all, some updates of what’s going on in the department. We conquered another market. Bravo. Our job security is extended. With dire global economic situation like now, I am thankful for the additional job when there are others who totally lost theirs. But of course being human at the same time I’d rather not do this one. Unlike other existing markets during the beginning phase, the challenges were more towards the differences in systems and some other little differences (which makes it all the more confusing) we call market specific but we gradually and eventually and STILL learn.. (mostly from mistakes)…. But this latest addition has a different set of challenges. Let’s just say it can’t be “learned” but we just have to learn how to live with those challenges. If I may propose to the company, I’d definitely suggest that we have a blood pressure machine for health monitoring purposes. Oh well….. we shall live through this together..

Jamil and Afad have been actively organising badminton sessions for two months now. Twice a week.The regulars are Jamil, Afad, Aidil, Shahid, Azwan and Shamsul and Larry. Phobe, Allan, Alvin, Ah Kong, Boo, Cat, Shanky and Mr.Director joined once or twice so far. I joined a few more than that and I am still keeping the record of no win whoever I paired up with. An “almost win” was with Afad (match point) but I screwed it up. I got really bummed over this. So, may I announce, when I win, yes I use the word “when” here not “if”, I will present a trophy to him/her. It would say “I GOT JO’S FIRST WIN”. Here are the links to some pictures on the first day I joined the session at Cheras.

You can also check some other pictures that I took for ATB Christmas party and some pictures for Insider’s last issue on Aini’s column for watches here.

Insider Q4 issue is a bit behind its dateline. I’ll include the pics once Madam Editor publishes it.


Some other news (old and new) that I never got my lazy self to update before were;

Aidil won second place Canon Photomarathon which I also joined but didn’t win anything (maybe this year I will).

Mawi left. Now with RHB. And his wife gave birth to a boy (If memory serves right).

We have newhires and Jagraj is Jamil’s new team member. Jamil will organise a makan2 session soon I hope *hint hint*.

One newhire cried while buddying with me and I got famous for that and it was believed to be the cause for her decision to quit after 3 days on the floor. I AM LEGEND!

Naziah gave birth to a girl, Ameena. Big sister Khadeeja is very possessive. Went to visit her with Amy and Emmyza. A little regret for not bringing my camera. Her kids were just so adorable!!!!

KakRoy is getting slimmer 🙂

Went to watch PGL with Jeehan, Aini and my friend. Absolutely fab and fan!

On a more subdued note, Joy, an ex-staff from TSC passed away last month.

I guess that’s about it for now. You will hear more from me. I promise….


Page and post mishap

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I’m totally new on this blogsite. I had just posted another entry but I got that on the ‘page’ instead of ‘post’. I dunno how to fix that so pls click on Ragam Puasa under Pages category. Or here’s the link

ATB makan-makan

Posted in ATB2008, The Office with tags , on August 1, 2008 by operatorotai

ATB organised a small makan2 last Thursday… Other than welcoming Jamie back to the tribe, we celebrated months of birtdays at once, and also the penyampaian hadiah for the foosball champion and the winner of the EURO cup competition… The ‘You Are Special’ certificates were also distributed to all, siap laminated.. So everyone got all the nice words from everybody…. I got a few nice words too. Well, some ending with “but sarcastic”. I dunno how they got that kind of impression. Seriously people, don’t believe all the rumours…

I’ll let the pixels do the talking now, from Adrian’s camera:




Trust Jamil to shop for clothes… kecik…  sian Aidil

Adrian menang apa tah ni… mesti main tipu..

He doesn’t look that happy reading his “You Are Special”.

Whatever it says on Jamil’s piece of paper, he doesn’t seem to care… makan duluu…

Naziah jemput diri…hehehe… she’s always welcome.

More pictures here





Foosball Fever

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Ini lah aksi2 melampau pemain foosball semi-finalists Sham and Aidil a.k.a Eddie.

Jamil was the appointed pengadil, so you can imagine that the situation was always kept under control. He even had a wheelchair ready for any injury.

 Check out Jamil’s pose.

Hmmm… maybe someday ppl will design foosball tables for taller people, Sham.

 Gaya Aidil  

Dah nak kalah dah ni.

 Goallll!!! (tunggu goal shot kat belah aidil berkurun).

Gaya encik sham kita. Nak menang kene buat camni la

 Ini lah dinamakn kalah nonggeng

 I think you can guess who won….

 Final nanti between Sham and Adrian or was it Alvin?… Dunno..

For more pictures click on the link below:

My worst goalie.

Posted in The Office with tags , on July 8, 2008 by operatorotai

First of all, can someone congratulate me for posting the second entry within the same year as the first one? I’m so proud of myself.

Actually, I got no specific topic except to announce what most people might already know. Our little Jamie is now the Director of the department. Rabin must be very proud of him. Who’s Rabin? Well….to answer that, I need a separate long blog entry dedicated for him alone. In a sentence, he used to be Jamie’s partner in crime when they were still green in this department. I wish I had a picture of him to share with those who don’t get the privilege to know him.
So, I was assigned by Olive to take pictures of him for the magazine. Here’s the face of the new director. 




Then I got carried away with my camera.


The new look of the breakout room. Well, it doesn’t look that much different.TV is bigger and there’s a foosball table now. Ramai yang tengah demam foosball and some competition is going on but I’m not taking part. Apparently, I yelp too much when I play this game.



May I introduce you to my best players. I always play blue. Beckham, Beckham Jr, and Abdullah Beckham. It’s not that I like Beckham. Just lack of football knowledge.




And here’s the worst goalie in the entire history of sports that involve…. balls. I never won a single game so far because of this lousy goalie (3 games against Jamil and 2 against Boo).

Jamil, PMP dah siap ni, jom lawan!