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Posted in Uncategorized on March 26, 2009 by operatorotai

All bloggers in the office or those that had an association with this office in the past, would definitely have a topic in common this week…. Arwah Fify….. I just started using the word arwah on Sunday. It didn’t seem right before. It is still hard to swallow the fact that she’s gone but I am blessed that God surrounds me with good friends and family who keep reminding me that we have to accept what’s written for everyone. And I am also blessed that God sent me a dream, on Thursday night, the night before the news was out. In the dream, Arwah and I took a picture together in the office. Normally I would be the one taking pictures even in dreams. At the time, when we all didn’t know of her whereabouts, I took it as a bad sign, that it was a goodbye, and I shared this with Jeehan and Jennifer. But now that I think of it, it was not a sign. She was already gone when I had the dream. I would like to think it as a gift by God to me, a chance to say goodbye for the last time.


What angers me a bit is the rumours that are spreading about her death. So, I feel obliged to clear this up. The cause of death is not identified. No findings whatsoever as to who did it. So people, stop telling other people that she was stabbed MANY times. There was only a small cut or stab wound on her chest that may not cause death at all. NO, there was no report of kidnap, or rape. And her hands were not bound when they found her! I hope they are still investigating this so until they could conclude anything, PLEASE, do not add any of your own spice to the story. I don’t want any of these wild rumours to reach her family members. They had enough.

It’s strange how little things could remind us of her. Arwah always had her table full of sweets, chocolates and whatnot to offer to everyone. She refilled them without fail. I was her regular customer and my favourite was Choki2. Then I saw a Choki2 ad on TV, yesterday. It was odd coz the last time I saw it was when I was in school. It was good being reminded of good things like this and it somehow brightened my mood that day. Maybe that is what we all should do. Instead of stressing ourselves with the questions like “why is this happening”, “how did it happen?”, “what did she go through?” etc etc, and make yourself sick, we should think of little things like….. Choki2 🙂

Hmm… I just realised I’m now short one member. Once in a while, Arwah and I, sometimes together with Jeehan would gang up and pick on some people. They were not planned, just naturally happened 🙂 . The usual victims would be Shira, sometimes Aidil and Jamil, Adrian botak, Adrian Hee. You know, easy targets :)) …. Yeah, memory like that helps.


I notice that her picture in my flickr hit some views this week. I dunno if they are people who just miss her and decide to take a look, or it is pure curiousity by other colleagues who just got to know her over the phone at work. Whatever it is and whoever you are, if you are a muslim, please offer Al-Fatihah and intend the reward for her. InsyaAllah.