Futsal pulak

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Sports club organised a futsal match last Saturday. I’m in the team called Victorious Secret. I’m sure to those who just heard this for the first time would go ‘WHATT???’ ….No, it was not my idea, I was never warm to the idea and I wasn’t part of the majority who voted for it. Idea Jamil la nii…. ahak ahak. But then, I never gave any ideas for the name. So fair enough, I’ll live with it for another 6 months. Thank God nobody had any crazy idea for the jersey…..  So, sorry to disappoint some of you who wish to see rough actions from tough men in sexy swimwear and lingerie. THAT would never happen here… I mean ‘tough’ men, not men in lingerie… hehehehe…

Jamil is also in the same team and he was part of the player line-up, along with Aidil and Sham and also Jason David.
The team HEROES won, bringing home RM250. Here are some pictures I took. Pardon the quality. I’m yet to learn the tricks to shoot with low light.


That’s Shira, my favourite player. The only girl in the game.  


 Tengok la muka Farah…. merayu gitu… Caterer datang bukak 2 table gituh.


 Awal2 dah injured dah.


 Jamil nak cakap apa tah ni…. Or was this your best pose boss?


 Para penonton dan pom pom girls


 Sian Rizman, siap pegang perut tengok Rina makan ABC. (tatau anak staff mana sebenarnye)


Our dinner from Mama’s Kitchen, was it? Mummy’s Kitchen? Dapur Mak laa..


 Alvin cramp sorang-sorang


Victorious Secret’s Advertisement : “Hair is in. Say no to wax”.


 Victorious? or  Notorious?


Pose manja- that’s our captain Pradeep.  


 Jangan kutuk…. dosa! Cute pe…


More pictures from the link below. If password is prompted, it’s the usual one… If you don’t remember, e-mail me. Sokay, I’ll email you guys. For the staff, the pics are also in the TEMP FILE, 2008 Sports Club folder.






Foosball Fever

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Ini lah aksi2 melampau pemain foosball semi-finalists Sham and Aidil a.k.a Eddie.

Jamil was the appointed pengadil, so you can imagine that the situation was always kept under control. He even had a wheelchair ready for any injury.

 Check out Jamil’s pose.

Hmmm… maybe someday ppl will design foosball tables for taller people, Sham.

 Gaya Aidil  

Dah nak kalah dah ni.

 Goallll!!! (tunggu goal shot kat belah aidil berkurun).

Gaya encik sham kita. Nak menang kene buat camni la

 Ini lah dinamakn kalah nonggeng

 I think you can guess who won….

 Final nanti between Sham and Adrian or was it Alvin?… Dunno..

For more pictures click on the link below:


My worst goalie.

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First of all, can someone congratulate me for posting the second entry within the same year as the first one? I’m so proud of myself.

Actually, I got no specific topic except to announce what most people might already know. Our little Jamie is now the Director of the department. Rabin must be very proud of him. Who’s Rabin? Well….to answer that, I need a separate long blog entry dedicated for him alone. In a sentence, he used to be Jamie’s partner in crime when they were still green in this department. I wish I had a picture of him to share with those who don’t get the privilege to know him.
So, I was assigned by Olive to take pictures of him for the magazine. Here’s the face of the new director. 




Then I got carried away with my camera.


The new look of the breakout room. Well, it doesn’t look that much different.TV is bigger and there’s a foosball table now. Ramai yang tengah demam foosball and some competition is going on but I’m not taking part. Apparently, I yelp too much when I play this game.



May I introduce you to my best players. I always play blue. Beckham, Beckham Jr, and Abdullah Beckham. It’s not that I like Beckham. Just lack of football knowledge.




And here’s the worst goalie in the entire history of sports that involve…. balls. I never won a single game so far because of this lousy goalie (3 games against Jamil and 2 against Boo).

Jamil, PMP dah siap ni, jom lawan! 

It’s not too late

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I have been meaning to create a blog about the team, the department and the company activities that I may or may not join, but I never really got around to do it before. So, I’m planning to do a lot of backtracking…not on this post though. Who knows, maybe it’ll take another year for me to write the next blog post :-).

Let’s kick off with the most recent event. Last night, Monsieur Jamil belanja the team members makan2 at Kadir Tomyam. Here are some pictures.



Amelia and ... Emmyza??Amelia and errmmm…. Emmyza???

   Hijran tunjuk gigi…or what’s left of it…

 Amelia, what’s with the jelingan?

 Jamil’s lovely wife digging in.

 Boss round table.

 The most famous twins of the night- Anique and Mikhail (Mawi, aku hentam je eja ni)

 The most unlikely twins of the night. Shahid paling banyak makan ikan steam, tengok la mata dia…

 One man down.Baik kakak Farah.

 Group photo.

Some of the updates that I can recall: Shahid is getting married in March, InsyaAllah. He will confirm and send the invitation via email to all (All ke Said?, hehehehe). And Farah potong rambut lagi :)). Hijran doesn’t like boys coz they are rude and she’d just punch them, but only SMALL boys as she eloquently suggested that Afad is not one of them. Mawi’s wife is 5 months pregnant. Another set of twins maybe. Good luck Mawi. Amelia doesn’t like ikan steam (to much of Shahid’s delight). This time Afad bawak helmet for Sham. I didn’t know what was going on at the other end of the table, so, pls add anything that I missed out.    

Adrian didn’t make it that night as he promised. I’ll personally bug for an explanation from him. Hafiz a.k.a Peter also kencing and didn’t make the appearance.

Thank you very much Monsieur Jamil for dinner. It was lovely. We hope to have another one very soon.