Ragam Puasa

I dunno if ppl really read my blog. If u do, and the fact that u juz read that last sentence alone, congratulations to you. By default  you just won yourself a bar of chocolate. You may collect your prize at my workstation. 1st come 1st serve basis (terms and conditions apply). If i dunno you but you still read my blog, congratulations, you read with sincerity and with a smile too (I hope), or smirk if you are a cynic (I hope not). Go buy yourself your favourite chocolate bar for the heck of it and smile some more.

Jo is babbling nonsense. This is a very rare occassion, coz jo always talks about serious  stuff like business goal, the importance of recycling and security awareness. Excuse her, will you? She’s fasting. As she once said to some girls, the built up acid on her stomach lining has traveled to her brain. This can also cause her to address herself as a third person.

Different people cope with hunger in different ways. I blog… using my phone coz I don’t want to get anymore feedback on the bandwidth… Others? Well, take this office for example. During ‘break’ (ahem, open interpretation, pls), some ppl surf websites on food, drooling at pictures of scrumptious food. Some surf 4 recipes. It doesn’t matter if you dun really try out any of those recipes. Some would check out d list of ramadhan buffets, then talks to himself macam aidil selalu buat smbil gelak and geleng2 kepala at d ridiculous price. Hunger could also bring out some people’s creativity. I could see some new artwork put up at their workstations, like this one..


The majalah Ella front page cover is designed by Jeehan. yang lagi dua keje tuh, shira punye


Keje Jeehan lagi… Fify siap frame tu…

Some would take up reading or sudoku. The less creative ppl would juz cast a sidelong glance at d clock every 5 or 10 minutes praying that the term ‘time flies’ applies more during d day than at night. And the most subtle n mayb d most effective way of taking your mind off d hunger is to go up two floors thru d back staircase and puff…who??what?? No la, joke joke only. It’s juz my imagination. When i’m hungry, i always smell ciggy smoke. Never mind. Alhamdulillah, all d lelaki melayu terakhir in dis dept puasa dis year…Betul ke? Betul, betul… Insyaallah.  And by the way, Anizah dah berhijrah… dah pakai tudung :)) I’ll post up a picture of her when I get the opportunity… Nak amik gambar dia macam celeb gitu… susah betul..

Since my last entry, i was given the honour of taking photos on two events. The first was assigned by jeehan who is d committee member of d hub magazine  called kl zone for an event that they organised which mimics d concept of speed dating. Loads of fun. D pics  r not yet publishd so i could only show some pics from that day… preview la:

The second job i got was the cultural day… requestd by jamil. I think kakroy and i were d only two ppl frm our dept who actually visited other departments, so she was my official model for d day and appeared in most of the pics. For some reason, we 4got to go to 18th floor.

Botak ambik gambar ni.

The food was good… I think our department paling meriah. Note Jamil’s songkok… somebody said he borrowed from Pelita… hehehehe… it may be true.

Special pose from KakRoy with her homemade cheesecake..

Taken by Ah Shin (yes, she actually asked him to pose for her)….. titled The 6th PM… Got it?

Pics are all here. Same password.



Jamil, i swear, i didn’t upload them using company property and my thumbdrive was never near any of them, so dun worry abt my bandwidth and compliance. To those in auths, I’m sorry but i have deleted d ones in g drive (director’s order). But they are all here 4 u guys to view anytime, juz b careful wt ur bandwidth if u choose to view from d office.

This is a rather long entry to compensate my long absence. Hope i bored u guys to tears. I guess my next entry will most probably be after raya. So kawan2, i’d like to wish all of you selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin. Insyaallah, i’ll bring back some left over kuih raya. Then if any of my dear friends, auths or ex-staff could share ur raya photos juz email them to me at meknjong@yahoo.co.uk. Resized if possible. I know i won’t be taking many pics as i’ll be d only sibling blk kampg dis year ..sob..sob. It won’t be as meriah as i imagine u guys wud celebrate ur raya…sob..sob. So, cheer me up by giving me duit raya when i get back, ok?

16 Nov Link to Nitro Mocktail Party pictures  http://s328.photobucket.com/albums/l327/operatorotai/Nitro%20Mocktail%20Party/?start=all


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